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Make tangible progress in your personal development with Lotus Neigong's grounded and systematic approach to the Chinese internal arts. Train with me in Cambridge

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NurtureWorks Qigong Classes in Cambridge

Looking for something more meaningful in your Qigong practice?

Qigong means "energetic mastery". And its movements are your trusty tools in your 'Neigong' journey of internal development. They'll guide you smoothly from the dense to the subtle. In a safe, efficient, structured way that brings real change.

Enjoy Qigong classes that make the complex accessible

Want to learn genuine Chinese internal arts teachings? Where nothing's been made up. Nor dumbed down. I share Damo Mitchell's LNG approach that's anchored in the classics. And relies on cause and effect (not fantasy).

Access the teacher within you - change from the inside out

Qigong will lead you under your own skin. And treat you to a somatic then energetic experience of your inner world. Steady absorption into the fabric of 'you' is the key to balance and good health. And to voyaging into the subtle realms.

"Unlike previous Qigong classes, I feel these classes are leading to profound change"
- Rebecca Neal

"These skills are grounding and reassuring amidst the changes modern life throws at us"
- John Nielson-Wright

"If you're prepared to put in the effort and learn to focus, it'll support in many areas of life"
- Sara Hodge

Step on the Path to Real Progress in Qigong ...

Ah, you teach Qigong! How lovely. I did that once. Gentle floaty movements. Beautiful imagery. So relaxing …”

I get that sometimes as a Qigong teacher.

Yes, de-stressing is great. Relaxing feels nice - and it's vital for thriving health.

But that’s not all you’re after!

So fluffy, no-pathway Qigong classes leave you scratching your head. It’s called a Chinese ‘internal art’, after all. Surely there must be so much more?

You want to:

  • Get to grips with the essential skills that underlie safe, effective Qigong practice

  • Make tangible progress in reactivating and developing your body's energetic system

  • Tap into your body’s sensations to know exactly where you’re at in that process (rather than guessing if you've mastered some skill - or just imagining it)

  • Remain a calmer person long after you finish practising Qigong. Not to mention more energised, healthier, mentally sharper, more emotionally stable …

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve landed in the right place.

Reactivate Your Energy System the Reliable Way

You’ll start by grounding your Qigong practice in your physical body. It’s only by building skill here that you’ll gain reliable access to more subtle energetic territory. To internal awareness that might have been beyond your reach.

How? By putting in place little 'causes' that result in noticeable effects within you.

Just like when you bake a cake.

You know that the 'cause' of adding a couple of eggs to the mix will create the 'effect' of binding things together.

So in your Qigong.

If you put a particular ingredient in, you will (with repeated practice) get a particular result.

So that's what you do. Over and over. Cause and effect. Cause and effect. Cause and effect …

You stand aligned in the right released-not-collapsed way. You settle your breath. You activate and connect your hands. You soak the quiet 'water' of your mind through the 'sponge' of your body. You settle your awareness in just the right place. You listen unwaveringly.

With the right causes in place, long-dormant aspects of your energy system can't help but reactivate.

This one-step-at-a-time process will carry you steadily along your self-cultivating path. And enable you to master skills you might have struggled with before.

It’ll also keep you more balanced as you face daily life’s challenges. Calmy anchored when life threatens to bowl you over.


Sound like the kind of Qigong practice you’re looking for?
Then you’ll fit right in with me.

NurtureWorks Qigong Classes in Cambridge

氣功 Qigong

A Chinese internal art that brings together movement, breath and awareness.

Qi is hard to translate, but it's often loosely rendered as Vital Energy. Gong, in modern Chinese, means 'work'. But here it's the quality of mastery cultivated by years of regular practice (of any skill).

So Qigong is the mastery of one's Qi through dedicated practice of specific movements and techniques. It's not something you 'do', but something you're working towards.

內功 Neigong

A systematic process of self development

Nei means 'within'.  So Neigong is the mastery of one's whole internal world through dedicated practice.

Your Qigong practice isn’t an end in itself. Its exercises are essential tools in Neigong's ongoing process of internal transformation.

At heart, it’s an alchemical pathway of self-cultivation and spiritual evolution. But you’ll experience its positive benefits in daily life too - in your health, your mental clarity and your sense of inner calm.

NurtureWorks Qigong classes in Cambridge

Now, in my fourth year of training with Tiffany, I find that these practices are fundamental to my daily life. I have better bodily alignment. I have enhanced movement. I have an increasing sense of quiet joy permeating my life, and more calmness and balance. 

The practices build energy, move energy and are deeply nourishing. Tiffany helps me to find ways to use them in my life to support what I need at the time. 

If you are looking for profound change and are prepared to dedicate some time to practise, then come, commit to classes and to your own practice for a few months. You’ll notice the positive difference it makes to your life.”

- Rebecca Neal, Movement and Touch for Wellbeing

Rebecca Neal Circle Frame
NurtureWorks Qigong Classes in Cambridge

Why Train With Tiffany?

I know how it feels to finally unlock the true power of Qigong

I lived in China for 11 years and I … 

Nope, strangely it wasn’t living in China that got me into Qigong. Honestly, I thought it was for lightweights. And that my (at that time) full-on Yoga practice was where it was at.

So where did I discover there was way more to Qigong (done well) than meets the eye? In Italy (where I lived for the next 10 years). At classes run by an American in one of rural Umbria's implausibly beautiful old towns.

Now I’m back in the UK (that’s been another decade …). With 14 years of practising Qigong under my belt. And 12 years of Qigong teaching. 

But it wasn’t until seven years ago that I got my first glimpse of Qigong’s true potential.

When I started practising with Lotus Neigong. 

And training with its founder, Damo Mitchell, for three intensive years to teach his rounded, grounded, far-reaching Qigong syllabus.

Here are a handful of things that Lotus Neigong opened my eyes to:

  • The devil is in the detail. Ignore the small stuff and you'll miss out on so much in your Qigong. And perhaps waste years on practices that lead you nowhere.

  • Your energy body is readily accessible. It's waiting for you behind your conscious awareness that's been conditioned to tune into the material world.

  • Building, storing and moving energy is something you do, not something you visualise. You just need to know the right steps to make this happen in an unmistakably palpable way.

Come along to class. I'll share a treasure trove of other precious nuggets with you ...

“Tiffany’s Qigong classes are inspirational and immensely rewarding. For anyone looking to understand the relationship between body and mind and to become aware of the presence of energy in our lives and its transformative power, I can’t think of a better place to start.”

- John Nielson-Wright

My NurtureWorks Qigong Classes - When and Where

Monday Evenings, 6.00-7.30pm

The Signal Box Community Centre in Cambridge
82 Glenalmond Avenue, Cambridge, CB2 8DB

What Should I Expect In Your Classes?

You'll learn Lotus Neigong Level 1 content:

Jiben (Foundational) Qigong, Wuxing (Five Element) Qigong
Wu (Five) Daoyin, Dragon Daoyin
The Huichun and the Hunyuan series

Each works on your inner world in different ways, ensuring balanced development.


Each class starts with some warm-ups.

Then we work on building a certain skill.

And focus on the mechanics and energetics of a particular Qigong practice.


Wear loose, comfortable clothes you can move in freely.

Wear flat, flexible, spacious shoes (or barefoot, but shoes are better. Ask me why in class).

We might use a Yoga mat or blocks/cushions to sit on (I'll provide those).


Whom Are Your Classes For?

You don’t need to have practised Qigong before. But my classes aren’t for everyone.

You'll Love My Classes If ...

  • You want to make sustained progress in internal change

  • You want detailed instruction in practical skills

  • You can commit to regular practice (in class and at home)

  • You know real change is hard work (and may be uncomfortable)

My Classes Might Not Be For You If ...

  • You just want some pleasant, relaxing movements

  • You think detailed instruction breaks the lovely flow

  • You don’t have time to practise regularly

  • You’re very weak or not in reasonable health

My classes won't give you risky shortcuts to energetic mastery.
They'll give you effective, tried-and-tested methods. And help you stay on the right path - and avoid deadends

“Tiffany’s class is inclusive and is compassionately and intelligently led.  … For me, Qigong invites a more direct awareness of subtle energies in the body and much energetic release. I find it soothing and uplifting. I recommend Qigong for all ages and levels of flexibility to enjoy and understand the diverse dimensions of the body”

- Jo G.

How Qigong Guides You into the Invisible Realms

It’s a cumulative process.

And it all starts by creating a solid foundation in your physical body. Through movement and soaking your steady awareness into your tissues.

This will release your habitual tension and build a new kind of strength and elasticity.

It's also how you'll open the door to clearing, activating and developing your body’s energetic pathways and centres.

The best bit? When your energy body functions more efficiently, all your organs and internal processes do too. So you'll experience new levels of physical and mental well-being.

You'll just feel better.

With a body that's more at ease. Emotions that are more stable. A mind that is sharper.

And you'll find yourself showing up differently in the world. More present in every moment. More aligned with what matters to you.

With time and committed practice, all this feeds positive progression at higher energetic and spiritual levels.

Wondering how long all this takes?

That depends ...

Mainly on how regularly you practise and on your capacity for listening inward without distraction.

But not only that. We’re all different and change at different speeds.

You can’t rush it. So trust your own pace …

NurtureWorks Qigong Classes in Cambridge

“After a couple of years attending Tiffany’s class and practising at home, Qigong has made a real difference to the health and efficiency of my spine and nervous system.

I walk with ease and my energy levels are more sustained (after years of chronic pain and fatigue).

I have also learned about how the energy body helps regulate our emotions, motivations and frustrations, which is so beneficial for supporting our mental health.

Qigong teaches me to listen to these emotional signals and recognise the importance of balancing rest and activity.”

- Jilly C.

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