Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blogThis blog is a space for me to expand on my vision of truly good health and well-being being simply a return to source and to share thoughts and perspectives on how – in a world that encourages hectic schedules – to live life in a way that nurtures (rather than saps) our essential energy and potential.

I’ll be jumping around freely from personal experience to Chinese philosophy to fertility to nutrition and more, but all will be connected by this vision and the understanding that the myriad of apparently unrelated ‘symptoms’ from which we human beings suffer all stem from us being disconnected from the original seed of ourselves and out of harmony with the nature’s cyclical rhythms.

This vision also informs and unites everything I do, from MogaDao Yoga and Qigong to my specialized work with Yoga, Qigong, reflexology, naturopathy and guided imagery for pre-conception and fertility. It is, I believe, at the heart of all true healing.

I hope my blog will nurture, inspire and motivate you towards positive change.

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