Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat 2020!

Chinese Year of the Rat

Tonight it is New Moon and tomorrow is Chinese or Lunar New Year (as that is when the New Moon falls in China’s time zone). So both a monthly cycle and an annual cycle are ending. Not only that, a rotation of the 12-year Chinese Zodiac is also finishing, as 2019’s Pig is the last animal in one full cycle. So, with all these cyclical endings, don’t be surprised if you’ve been feeling unusually tired and wanting to withdraw this week!

The Lunar New Year is also known as Spring Festival in China. It’s an optimistic name and so I always simply think of it as heralding the very early underground rumblings of Spring. It’s particularly early this year, as its timing depends on when the New Moon falls between January 21st and February 20th. So it’s definitely too early to be thinking of springtime re-emergence (although unseasonable warmth in the UK a couple of weeks ago did confuse some Spring flowers into bursting forth).

In 2020, we’re moving into the Year of the Rat. More specifically, it’s the Yang White/Metal Rat. Most people take the zodiac shift as happening on Chinese New Year, so tomorrow. But, more precisely, it is on  February 4th or Li Chun (Start of Spring) – this is the date used by Chinese astrologers. Li Chun is the first of 24 terms in the Chinese Solar Calendar that describe natural phenomena in that period and were designed to help farmers. Confused? You can read more about these solar terms here (scroll down for a really helpful circular chart).

Back to that Yang White/Metal Rat. Marking the beginning of a new 12-year cycle, crafty and quick-thinking Rats always bring big change and require action – after a slow-moving and potentially stagnant time as the Pig brings the previous cycle to a close. This year’s Yang Metal coupling heighten the energy of movement and purpose.

In the words of Lotus Neigong founder, Damo Mitchell:

“The biggest aspect of this year that is likely to affect people is change. This is the start of a new astrological cycle and there can be a major shift in the way things are. This may be especially true of any project, group or process that has been running for ten to twelve years by the time 2020 comes around. Old friendships will be broken, new ones formed and by the end of the whirlwind that is 2020, things are likely to be looking very different from how they were at the start of the year! Stay calm during any of these great shifts that take place and ride out the year as smoothly as you can. For those comfortable with where they are, this could be a difficult year but for those who are feeling a little stuck for whatever reason, 2020 could be the best year you have had for quite some time!”

So fasten your seatbelt for an interesting 2020 …

There’s no need for me to say more. I recommend that you read instead Damo’s excellent account of the Yang Metal Rat and his predictions for this year for all of us and for people of different Chinese 5-Element types and zodiac signs.

Be sure to heed his good advice in a year that is likely to be turbulent for amorous relationships:

“Be kind to one another, remember the good things about your relationships and weather the storm. With any luck, your relationships will be all the stronger for it after the combative Metal Rat has moved on.”

And, to be sure you benefit in the most positive way from this Lunar New Year’s particularly powerful energy of new beginnings and transformation, take a moment to pause and set your vision for the next month, the next year and the next 12 years! You can find my tips on setting or tweaking your vision here.