Forget New Year Resolutions – Create a Positive Vision

New Year resolution


If you are busy lining up all the things you are determined to give up this New Year, stop now!

New Year resolutions frequently focus in a self-esteem shrinking way on wanting to be less xxx (replace xxx with the relevant self-flagellating word(s) eg lazy, stressed, unfit, anxious, fat, worthless, disorganised, in pain etc). By focusing on what you don’t want, you’re building up lots of negative energy that will make it hard to achieve any of your goals.

Even if you word them in a more positive way and focus on what you do want, New Year resolutions often come from a place of scarcity and gritted-teeth intent, rather than from an open-hearted belief that you are worth taking care of and of living a thriving and abundant life. It’s hard to keep your teeth gritted for very long, so your commitment is likely to fade within the month.

Create a Positive Vision for Next Year Instead

As one annual cycle gives way to another, the New Year is a powerful moment for transformation. So you’re right to want to harness its energy – but not by setting New Year resolutions.

If you truly want things to be different this year, create a positive Vision for the future. The dark stillness of mid-Winter will help you to tune into and envision the life you would like to be living one year from now.

Your mind is very powerful. Your recurring thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your life build that energy and that particular life. So be sure to use this for the good. When you create and focus your mind on your positive Vision, your energy and, thus, your life gradually re-align in that direction – without struggle and without gritted teeth.

Here’s How

Just find yourself some quiet time in the next few days to be still. Then spend at least ten minutes doing something to help you relax and disconnect your mind from daily life eg some Yoga and/or a short breathing meditation.

When you are feeling calm and open-hearted, ask yourself where you’d like your life to be in one year’s time and what you’d like to accomplish in that time. If you get stuck, ask the question: “What is my heart’s deepest desire?”

Just let thoughts, images etc of your future bubble forth. Jot them down as they come. Don’t judge them or analyse whether you think they are possible and don’t try to organise them yet.

Don’t rush – give yourself plenty of time. You can do this in more than one sitting. If you start to get anxious and tense, leave it for a bit and come back when you are ready. Having set this process in motion, you’ll find that more clarity on what you really want comes as you go about your life. Have a notebook on hand to jot your ideas down.

When you’re done, start organising your thoughts and refining them down to what really matters. Use all your senses to experience how that future feels in an embodied way – that will help you know whether it is what you really want in your heart. I recommend that you arrange your Vision according to the different areas of your life  – health, personal, work.

Tips for Making your Vision Powerful

  • Phrase your Vision in the Now – like it is already happening
  • Eliminate the word ‘want’ – as it keeps things beyond your grasp
  • Phrase it positively – or your mind will fixate on the negative thing
  • Write just one goal per statement – or you’ll diffuse the statement’s energy
  • State the end result, not the means of achieving it – you don’t need to know how
  • Politely ask your fears to take a back seat – or they’ll limit your Vision’s power
  • Set ambitious goals that are right for you – be big and bold, but not ridiculous
  • Include yourself actively in stating your goals – don’t use the passive
  • Be precise and concise – use few words in complete, meaningful statements
  • Be specific but not limiting – be crystal clear, but leave openness for more

Do update your Vision as circumstances change and any time something no longer resonates positively with you. You can of course also create shorter (eg 3 months) or longer (eg 3 years) Visions.

And Most Important of All – Read it Daily

If you are serious about creating the life you have envisioned for yourself, be sure to read and feel into the reality of your Vision daily.

This is what makes a positive Vision so different from a New Year resolution. And it is where the magic happens.

When you read and envision your Vision with daily regularity, you tread new positive pathways in the field of your mind to replace old ones that any negative New Year resolutions would have reinforced.

Only in this way will your mind and energy become aligned with the reality that you want. Then you will naturally start to become that person, living that dream life.

Make your positive Vision even more powerful

A regular Yoga or Qigong practice will help you build the self-esteem, self-love and other qualities that will support you in realising your dream, making your positive Vision even more powerful.

You’ll notice things begin to shift in your life without you struggling to make them happen.

And this time next year, as you prepare your new Vision, you’ll look back and be amazed at just how far you have come in the past 12 months.

If you’d like support in realising your Vision or if accessing your feminine power or making time in your life for regular self-care and Yoga or Qigong movement is part of your Vision, do get in touch.

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