First-ever MogaDao film

MogaDao - The Body Ensouled

MogaDao creator and founder Zhenzan Dao has just made available the first-ever film of himself, ‘A Natural History of MogaDao Qigong’, where he talks about the origins of MogaDao and shares through movement and words the “creation stories” of some particular MogaDao Qigong forms.

Zhenzan has long resisted being captured on video, but a series of recent events prompted him to make this film and to allow it to be distributed among the MogaDao community just ahead of him going into a one-year period of silence. He has also committed to releasing a whole series of formal MogaDao practice videos when he returns to teaching.

In an introductory email to this first film, Zhenzan expresses to his students the hope that it might ‘warm your hearts’. The tenderness of his presentation certainly does that for me. For those of you who study with me, I hope that this glimpse of the poetic depths of Moga Dao Qigong might motivate you in your own practice and that the eloquent beauty of Zhenzan’s teaching might encourage you to take a class with him too as soon as you get the chance. He plans to come to Cambridge to teach a workshop some time after he comes out of his silence next year.

You can view Zhenzan’s film on either of the main MogaDao websites, using these links:

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