Spooky Halloween New Moon

Spooky Halloween energyI’m wondering if anyone else has sensed a particularly spooky otherworldliness, a shift in energy or inexplicable emotional sensitivity in these few days?

If yes, this might be because the deep Yin darkness of the transformative Scorpio New Moon (almost) coincided with yesterday’s Halloween, which marks the eve of today’s All Hallows Day or (in Mexico) the Day of the Dead, when the wall’s between the mundane and spirit dimensions are said to become particularly thin and porous.

This coming together heightened the power of October’s Scorpio New Moon to usher in big change to our lives. It may have prompted a jump in focus and productiveness or alternatively it may have heightened emotions and brought some uncomfortable thoughts and memories to the surface. In the spirit of the Autumn’s Metal energy, the key is of course not to flee or bury any of these, but to stay with them to allow for the healing alchemy of self-transparency as we let their lessons to emerge and use these to move courageously forward in our lives.