Equinox: balance is always fleeting

Equinox 400x335 Optimized

Equinox: balance is always fleeting My husband (ever the cynic) loves to tease me whenever I am ill or have some niggling pain. “You should try doing Yoga or Qigong”, he says. “It might do you good.”   Today, as nature passes through this moment of balance between light and dark on the Equinox, she…

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Yoga Retreats: a New Life for my Italian House

Italian House for Holidays and Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats: A New Life for my Italian House It’s been quite a summer. In the course of a month, my Italian house has taught me a lesson and found a whole new life for itself. I left for Italy in early August to bid farewell to my old home in Umbria and to undertake…

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Spooky Halloween New Moon

Spooky Halloween energy

I’m wondering if anyone else has sensed a particularly spooky otherworldliness, a shift in energy or inexplicable emotional sensitivity in these few days? If yes, this might be because the deep Yin darkness of the transformative Scorpio New Moon (almost) coincided with yesterday’s Halloween, which marks the eve of today’s All Hallows Day or (in Mexico) the Day of…

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MogaDao guest teacher classes

I am delighted to be welcoming to Cambridge for the first time a guest MogaDao teacher. Suej Johnson, based in Portland USA, is not only a MogaDao Qigong and Daoist sexuality teacher, but also a gynaecologist, bringing the richness of her decades of experience in this field to her teaching. – Monday, Nov 24th –…

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