I’m a Proud 1966 Fire Horse Woman

Fire Horse 1966My Chinese zodiac sign is a Horse. More specifically, I’m a Fire Horse, being born in 1966 (the 5 Elements cycle through the 12 zodiac signs, so each pairing comes up once every 60 years).

The Fire Horse is not a popular symbol to be born under in Asia. That is something of an understatement. Especially if you are a woman!

Fire Horse women are said to sap their family’s finances, neglect their children and drive their father and husband to an early grave. Whoops!

The Fire Horse myth (it is obviously a myth … ?) of bringing bad luck caused the birth rate in Japan to plummet 15% in 1966, as families were so terrified of bringing such a woman into the world and scared they would never be able to marry her off.

Why such a bad rap? Because the fiery streak added to our strong-headed, unconventional, freedom-loving Horse character makes us rebellious and potentially irresponsible and reckless!

Translation – we are rubbish at being obedient and submissive wives (I’m happy to think that I would have kicked back against my ‘master’ in a traditional feudal marriage …) and we cannot stop ourselves rocking the boat.

So it seems to me just another example of that same old Yang-Yin, Male-Female tiltedness that comes up again and again and again in the world we live in. True that even Fire Horse men are frowned upon (but not nearly as much as women!), but this too is because their independent qualities make waves in any society that values unquestioning obedience and toeing the line.

In truth, the Fire Horse is smart, passionate and trail-blazing. I’m happy and proud to claim any of those qualities!

All the same, I think I’ll keep up the Yoga and the Qigong – our ‘recklessness’ can be minimised if we take the time to develop patience and thoughtfulness …