Sensation: gateway to your fertile depths

Kim Robinson - MogaDaoI would like to share the wise and nourishing words of a fellow teacher of the healing arts of MogaDao, Kim Robinson. Kim teaches MogaDao Yoga classes, Qigong classes and Sacred Daoist Sexuality classes at the MogaDao Institute’s studio or ‘guan’ in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Below is an excerpt from a recent lecture,”The Art of Illogical Alchemy”, in which Kim urges us to embrace sensation – in all its raw and vulnerable intensity – as the gateway to our dark, rich, fertile ‘chthonic’ depths.

Here is Kim in her own words ….

“I don’t know about you but quite often I crave to ‘feel’. Raw, intense, gentle or overwhelming sensations. To breathe them, to be full of them.

When I was a teenager I described my depression as feeling like I was stuck inside of a Tupperware—that I could not feel the world breathing through me.

I also used to have reoccurring dreams that I was an earthworm eating dark rich moist soil. When I awoke I was surely disappointed that the dream was over because that craving was real. That soil felt like the ultimate food!

How are these two related, you might ask? The need to eat moist, wet, dirt, and the definition of depression as being blocked from sensation. Well they both relate to the chthonic.

What is chthonic? …”

To find out, read the rest of Kim’s lecture at

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