MogaDao guest teacher classes

I am delighted to be welcoming to Cambridge for the first time a guest MogaDao teacher. Suej Johnson, based in Portland USA, is not only a MogaDao Qigong and Daoist sexuality teacher, but also a gynaecologist, bringing the richness of her decades of experience in this field to her teaching.

Monday, Nov 24th – 7.30-9pm – Morning Medical Qigong and Internal Alchemy
Cass Centre
Suej will guide us in this foundational MogaDao Qigong form, tonifying all the key organs of the body and their energetic/psycho-spiritual aspects, and in Internal Alchemy, an internal Qigong practice that nourishes vital energy at the deepest levels.
– Wednesday, Nov 26th – 9.15-10.45am – Women’s Health session
Newnham Scout & Guide Centre
Suej and I will teach together, introducing Qigong and Yoga practices for women’s health. Suej will also answer any questions you might have about gynaecological issues and how these relate to your practice.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.